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The Eagle Has Landed

The initial Kickstarter campaign for Empire In Peril has been a great success,  I am truly delighted. When I decided to go down this route to launch the range, I thought I might raise £1,500, however we smashed that, the final total being £2,304.  Initially I had planned to release the Empire in Peril range with just 7 packs,  4 German and 3 British packs , however the additional funds allowed me to increase that to 13 packs, almost double and provides a solid base for future releases.

The full list of packs that formed the initial release are:

Imperial German Army

IGA01: Infantry with full kit, (I) (4 unique figures)

IGA02: Infantry with full kit, (II) (4 unique figures)

IGA03: Infantry Command, (two officers and a bugler)

IGA04: Artillery (I), Krupp 77mm ’96 plus 4 crew

IGA05: mounted Dragoon with lances (I) (2 variants)

IGA06: mounted Dragoon Command (officer & bugler)

British Army – Home Service uniforms

BA01: Line Infantry, with field kit (I).

BA02: Line Infantry, with field kit (II).

BA03: Infantry Command, (two officers & a Sergeant).

BA04: Grenadier Guard, Marching order with Bearskin cap.

BA06: Grenadier Guard Command.

Character Sets

CS01: Captain of the Guards & his batman.

CS02: A Gentleman rogue & his chauffeur.

I’ll post an update weekly, on a Thursday, with progress. The first task will be to get the dollies made for the mounted figures and the new heads for the Guard figures, the horses are already finished. My primary focus over the next few weeks is to ensure, that the new figures are in-flight so I can meet the May-June 2016 target.

Unfeasibly Miniatures is entering a really exciting time, this will be our second range, the first being Exotic Adventures. Over the coming weeks I’ll also share with you the next kickstarter which will be vehicles & additional heavy weapons for the range…

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